Laird Hamilton

C 03

50 x 70 cm     19½ x 27½ inches
Premium heavy grade 250g acid-free paper

This is a tighter shot of the "Millennium Wave". During the memorable August 2000 session, Laird Hamilton rode two amazingly thick waves. This was the first and the photo was taken using a telephoto lens, thus capturing the intensity of the ride. For the second image known as "The Millennium Wave" (Master Collection), I used a telephoto zoom lens to pull back in order to show the sheer size of the wave.
This photo also made numerous magazine and newspaper covers around the world. It epitomizes the sheer power of Laird’s technique and survival stance. When the surfer hits the most critical part of the wave the bowl section, the volume of water moving up the face is so immense that the surfer needs to put all his weight at the back of the board right above his fins. Laird is pushing back so hard that it looks as though his front foot is about to break the strap on his board.