Laird Hamilton - Millennium Wave

M 03

60 x 80 cm     24 x 31˝ Inches
Premium heavy grade 250g acid-free paper

“The Millennium Wave”. Teahupoo 17th August 2000 at 11.25 am, big wave tow-in legend, Laird Hamilton, entered the history books by riding the heaviest wave ever surfed. He had been in Tahiti for two weeks shooting a film with Jack McCoy for his sponsor Oxbow. I was production co-ordinator while also shooting stills for advertising and editorial purposes. As the morning of the 17th unfolded the set waves just got bigger and bigger. Around high tide the sets became more consistent and Laird stepped up to the challenge. The photo was taken with a Nikon F5 camera and a 70 – 200 zoom lens shooting at 9 frames per second. This poster shot was No 38 out of a 36-exposure film! Had I used another camera the shot would simply have never existed.