Tim is available for most types of editorial or advertising photography assignments. He also has an extensive stock library and can assist in location scouting , production and coordination on film and tv commercials .



Depending on the client’s needs, he can shoot using a digital format or transparency films: 35 mm, 6 x 7 Medium format or 6 x 17 large format.

He is experienced in aerial, underwater and high altitude photography as well as large format landscape panoramic photography.

He specializes in the following fields:

- Advertising catalogues and campaigns; outdoor and underwater fashion and swimsuit shoots in natural environments; action sports magazines covers and ads.

- Editorial travel stories on exotic locations; hotels and tourist activities.

- Editorial action sport stories: surf, windsurf, kite surf, snowboard, motocross and mountain bike, wake board, ski, etc.

- Photo agency or personal productions for stock, travel and sports stories.


Tim’s photo library is composed of over 40 000 original transparencies covering a wide range of subjects and locations.

His digital photo library of at least 2000 high resolution scans is upgraded daily.


 Production, Coordonnation, Location scouting

Tim McKenna’s outstanding talents as a photographer are paralleled by his unique logistical, organisational and production skills developed over many years by the nature of his assignments. He has provided crucial advice and support to many production crews enabling them to film safely, with maximum efficiency in the air, on land, on water or in mountain environments.

He routinely provides location scouting, travel and safety advice, production logistics, filming co-ordination, weather analysis, consulting and D.O.P /cameraman operations.


Since 1990 he has worked with over 10 world champions in sports such as surfing, snowboarding, windsurfing, sailing , wakeboarding, motocross and rock climbing. He is skilled in co-ordinating groups of up to 20 people where helicopters, boats, jet skis, motorbikes and other filming vehicles and rigs are used. He has travelled to over 30 countries to find the exceptional locations, which have produced the powerful sport images and breathtaking landscapes that are his trademark.
He has extensive experience in tuning on-board cameras and P.O.V. set ups for extreme conditions.

The following media has aired Tim’s footage or his work as production assistant internationally:

CNN, Sky, France 2, TF1, France 3, Canal +, M6, MCM, Eurosport, ESPN, ESPN Brazil, Channel 7, Channel 9, AP, RFO, Surf Channel, RMC, La 5. Oxbow, Reuters, Jack McCoy Films etc…

Contact: tim@tim-mckenna.com