Incredible Waves



Whether you’re a hardcore surfer or someone who just loves the ocean, we all share the same sense of wonder when we look at great photos of incredible waves. The parabolic curve of the lip as it pitches and throws. The stacked lines of an incoming swell. The surreal silver cylinder of a glassy barrel, shot from underwater. The technicolor hues of a tropical sunrise reflected in a pristine wave face. Awesome. Amazing. Enticing. Inspiring.

   Incredible Waves is a new book which sets out to celebrate the beauty and majesty of ocean waves. Published by UK-based Orca Publications, the 144-page hardcover book includes images of more than 50 world-renowned spots including Pipeline, Cloudbreak, Desert Point, The Right, Shipstern’s Bluff, Skeleton Bay, Snapper Rocks, Apocalypse, Aileen’s, The Box and Teahupoo.

   Around 30 top surf photographers contributed to the project, submitting images of the breaks in every possible mood from playful and fun to dredging and deadly. Among the A-list snappers who contributed shots are Clark Little, Brian Bielmann, Chris Burkard, Russell Ord, Mickey Smith, Jeff Flindt, Ray Collins, Laurent Pujol, Tim McKenna, DJ Struntz, Alan van Gysen, Brad Masters and Andrew Shield.

   The photos are accompanied by essays, insights from pro surfers, plus a discussion about current trends in surf photography.

    Readers interested in improving their own photographic skills will benefit from the technique sections at the back of the book which offer tips and advice for getting better shots. Lineup shots, telephoto shots and water shots are all covered, along with tips for getting the best from miniature POV cameras such as the GoPro.

   Incredible Waves is a tribute to the beauty and power of the ocean at its most spectacular.