Vannes Festival 2012

Tim McKenna exhibits more than 35 photos of his latest photography of "Teahupoo" at the "Festival de la Photo de Mer" in Vannes.
Since 2006 the City of Vannes in Brittany has exhibited the world's best Water and Sea photographs with renowned photographers such as Phillipe Plisson or Sebastiao Salgado. More than 100 000 visitors were able to stroll along the itinerary to view the photos  exhibited in the city's best locations. Tim's images were in the heart of the city, in the "Jardin des Remparts" where visitors could discover 30 large prints while they wandered through the gardens and could measure themselves against Teahupoo's height with 3 x 12 meter murals suspended from the Mur des Remparts. From its ferocity to its beauty, Tim once again showed the multiple facets of his favorite wave, putting Tahiti on the map of the world's most amazing places.

Prof J Hay

Climate Change and Tourism: From Policy to Practice

By Susanne Becken and John Hay; Published June 14th 2012 by Taylor and Francis/Routledge - 280 pages

The contribution of tourism to climate change, and the likely consequences of climate change for key tourist destinations, have been well reported and discussed. Yet, there is a lack of evidence-based systematic practical advice as to how the tourism industry should respond to the challenge of climate change. Building on a sound conceptual understanding of the links between climate change and tourism, this book shows how the tourism sector might best respond. It not only focuses on the roles of supportive policies and institutions in ensuring a strong "enabling environment" for practical responses, but also on the practical responses themselves.

This practical approach is presented through a large number of case studies and examples which illustrate how policy and industry initiatives have been implemented in tourism, and if or why they were successful. This text provides a detailed analysis of best practices in the face of climate change, across countries and geographically diverse tourist destinations and operations. The examples are presented within an overall framework that facilitates the translation of adaptation and mitigation policies into practice.

The book offers the tourism industry, students and academics the opportunity to advance from the earlier, more conceptual texts on tourism and climate change by taking a much more practical approach. Its global coverage, through the use of international case studies, fosters a cross-fertilisation of ideas and initiatives.

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GIE campaign France 2011

Advertising campaign Tahiti and her Islands - France 2011-2012, Teraina Constanzo and Manutea Monnier- Stylism Alberto Vivian. Make up Orama Noble.

Surfing Life Teahupoo Book

Surfing Life has just released "Teahupoo, Ten Days that Changed Surfing", a 144-page coffee table book just in time for Christmas - the ideal present. The best of this year images from the Red Alert and the Competition days with a great photo contribution from Tim.

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LIFE 75 Years

LIFE 75 Years:  The Very Best of LIFE.   Tim's photo of Andy Irons appears in this deluxe commemorative 200 page edition of Life's best photos over the last 75 years.
LIFE's editors focus on the publication's achievements more tightly than they ever have before.  This is truly the best of everything LIFE has accomplished. In these pages are the best war photos ever taken for LIFE; the best photo essays ever to grace our pages (including the works of Capa and Parks and Smith); the loveliest pictures from Hollywood (in fact, the best pictures of Marilyn Monroe ever taken by such as Halsmann, Eisenstaedt and her dear friend Milton Greene), the best sports pictures, the funniest pictures we ever ran. The best pictures from the space race, and the most significant pictures to the human race, including Lennart Nilsson's "Life Before Birth."

This is a premium volume of LIFE, and beyond its 200-plus pages, which include a review of every LIFE cover ever published, there is, included here, the ultimate premium: The first-ever LIFE issue, with the Margaret Bourke-White photograph of the Fort Peck Dam on the cover, reprinted in its entirety, at actual size (which was really big 10 1/2" x 14") and able to be detached.

IRON MANA liquid festival 2011

Tahiti To Celebrate Its Wet and Wild Side During the
Bora Bora Liquid Festival
Idyllic Bora Bora archipelago to showcase adrenalin-fueled watersports, beach parties and adventure activities during December’s weeklong festivities
LOS ANGELES, CA -- October 27, 2011 -- Bora Bora has rightly become known as an idyllic hideaway for lovers and escape artists. But the island’s jagged peaks and lapis-colored lagoons are a world-class playground for active types seeking adventures ranging from trekking lush mountains to enjoying the world’s fastest growing watersport, SUP, or stand-up paddle.

This winter, travelers can escape the chill and have the chance to participate in these activities during the first annual Bora Bora Liquid Festival, scheduled to take place at Matira Beach from December 12-18, 2011. The Liquid Festival celebrates authentic Tahitian culture with an abundance of activities designed to transport attendees into the heart of French Polynesia. They will find an exciting week-long program filled with competitions and races featuring world-class aquatic athletes, such as Alex Kostich, competing in events including long distance swims, circle-island Va’a Polynesian outrigger races and SUP sprints.

In addition to the adrenalin-pumping competitive events, guests will also enjoy DJs spinning at beach parties, festive barbecues, traditional Tahitian dancing expositions, kids’ programs, watersports lessons, and deeply discounted tours and activities open to everyone, including guided Waverunner tours and unforgettable shark and ray feeding adventures. The mid-December timing is also ideal for active and family travelers to experience a great getaway that doesn’t conflict with Christmas or the New Year’s holidays.

Known originally as the Bora Bora IronMana, the Bora Bora Liquid Festival began in 2000 as the only Va'a-1 (one-man traditional Polynesian outrigger) endurance paddling event in the world covering over 56km, or 34 miles. The brainchild of Bora-based aquatic athlete, Stephan Lambert, the event has grown over the past decade into a much larger, inclusive event open to all that celebrates local culture as well as sporting excellence.
New Travel Package Makes Attending Easy
The competition takes place from Dec. 14-18, 2011, and new, accessibly priced travel packages starting at $1650 for a full week (December 12 – 18) allows visitors to experience the competition, festivities and multiple island adventures. Created by KainaluXT in partnership with Tahiti Legends, Sofitel Luxury Hotels and global travel blog, the packages include inter-island air, hotel, a full Liquid Festival pass for all activities and partial meals. And the best part: it all takes place amidst the breathtaking beauty and island ambiance that make Bora Bora legendary.

For full package details, more information and to book, visit
About the islands of Tahiti:
Easier to travel than often imagined, Tahiti is eight hours by air from Los Angeles with daily nonstop flights. Tahiti is halfway between California and Australia, on the same side of the International Date Line as North America and in the same time zone as Hawaii. There are a total of 118 islands and atolls that comprise this beautiful South Pacific country. Tahiti’s varied landscape ranges from just-above sea level coral atolls to volcanic mountain peaks. Tahiti is renowned for warm waters, white-sand beaches, stunning turquoise lagoons, lush green hills and abundant flowering plants.


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Tim's spectacular images of French Polynesia decorate the Duty Free shop at Tahiti International airport.