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Want to do a shoot in paradise ? 
No need to send a photographer, cameramen, other crew or tons of equipment. We have all you need on the spot: experienced and qualified professionals with the latest equipment and extensive location knowledge.

We have the most beautiful waves, the clearest water, amazing white sand beaches, incredible fauna, colourful lagoons, unforgettable sunsets and rainbows, lush vegetation, waterfalls, breath-taking scenery and of course a rich Polynesian and French culture.

We have a really economical, value-for-money solution for you, if you want to shoot in Tahiti or on any of her  hundred islands.

Our team is specialized in all types of production :

-  waves, underwater, surf, kite, windsurf or any water sport for print advertising campaigns.
-  fashion, swimsuits or product catalogues.
-  editorial stories for print, Internet or TV.
-  commercials and documentaries in HD or film format, DVD films, TV shows.
-  water-based feature film segments or stock footage, HD or film.

We have a fully-qualified, comprehensive crew and cast :

-  a world-renowned photographer, directors and specialized camera
   operators for above water, underwater, land or aerial photography.
-  experienced and specialized jet-ski, boat, underwater scooter and
    helicopter pilots to help you get the shot that will make the difference.
-  world-class watersports stuntmen with experience in P.O.V. cameras:  surfers, kite boarders, windsurfers,
    freedivers, outrigger canoeists, etc.
-   a wide multi-ethnic range of male and female models, kids and tattooed models.
-  world-class casting directors, make-up artists and stylists.
-  experienced marine coordinators, production assistants, guides and interpreters.

We have all the latest technology :

-   Panasonic P2 HD cameras with water-housings, POV set-ups and cameras.
-   Nikon DSLR cameras 24 mega pixel camera bodies and all Nikkor lenses.
-   Apple Mactintosh Macbook Pro and Desktop computers, Lacie and Drobo storage.
-   Sunbounce reflectors and  diffusors.
-   Kenron Gyro stabilizer for steady boat and aerial photography.
-   Hensel portable studio generators with remotes,  reflectors, diffusers and lighting for
    outdoor fashion shoots or action shoots with a twist.

Rental equipment

-  Yamaha and Seadoo 4 stroke jet skis with sleds.
-  Seabob underwater scooter. 
-  inboard and outboard Tahitian poti marara fishing boats for any capacity.
-  catamarans for outer island exploration.
-  light and heavy film machinery, lighting, power, transportation and controls.

Save money on plane tickets, excess baggage, accommodation, rental cars and general logistics.
Save even more money on crew fees and permit fees.
Save time on travel planning, customs clearance and weather days.

Your images will be so much better from Paradise.
Our team has been producing images in French Polynesia since 1996.


References / Clients :

2012-APPLE- Production Tech consultant, Photographer, Pre-prod, AP
2012-EMMI-Caffe Latte- Production coordination-Scouting-Set Photography
2011-Victoria Secret-Catalogue & Video-WORLD-Production coordination-Scouting
2011-Nationnal Geography- Documentary-WORLD-Production coordination-Photography
2011-Visa-TV Commercial-USA- Production coordination-Scouting-Set Photography
2011- Tahiti and Her Islands Board of Tourism- Print Campaign & Video-EU-Production coordination –Photography
2011-NIKKOR-Print campaign-WORLD- Production coordination-Photography
2010-Herbal Essences- Q&R-TV Commercial-EU- Production coordination-Scouting-Photography
2010-Miss Kulani Yacht- Catalogue-WORLD- Production coordination-Photography
2010-Tahiti and Her Islands Board of Tourism- Print Campaign & Video-EU-Production coordination –Photography
2009-Relentless-Documentary-UK- Production coordination-Photography
2009-Hinano Clothing-Catalogue-US- Production coordination-Photography
2008-Colgate-Young&Rubicam-Commercial-US- Production coordination-Set Photography
2007-Red Bull Immersive-Documentary-US- Production coordination-Photography
2007-ROXY-Catalogue- WORLD-Production coordination-Photography
2006-Cutback-Trailer-Film Cinema-US- Production coordination-Scouting- Set Photography
2006-Pacific Life Insurance-Commercial-US-Production coordination-Scouting
2005-EuroSport/Planete-Last Frontier Explorer-Documentary-France- Production coordination-Scouting
2003-Blue Horizon-Film Cinema- Production coordination-Scouting- Set Photography
2002-To’-Film Cinema- Production coordination-Scouting- Set Photography
2002-Step Into the Liquid-Film Cinema- Production coordination
2001-UltraSport-Le Voyage Magique-Documentary-France- Production coordination
2001-The Millennium Wave-Documentary- Production coordination-Photography
2002-Mission Tahiti-Red Bull-Documentary-AUS- Production coordination
1996-Green Day-Eurosport-Film 26mm-FR- Production coordination