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An exceptional experience is what Geraldine Danon, famous French actress and her husband Philipe Poupon, one of the world's best sailors are offering their children.  Onboard "Fleur Australe" they crossed the deadly North-West passage following in the steps of the great Pole explorers,  experiencing all the joys but also confronting all the dangers that in the past some defeated and some did not. The family finally rejoined the Pacific after months of navigation where Tim was lucky to follow them for one day crossing  from Tahiti to Moorea.  Geraldine's new book has just been released.  After "Une Fleur dans les glaces" relating the North to West pole adventure started in 2009, "Fleur Australe" is the second chapter of the 2010 Voyage that started in Alaska  descending through the Antarctic to the Pacific.  This voyage is sponsored by EDF-SUEZ  to raise awareness of the fragile nature of the Ocean's fauna and flora and the consequences of world pollution on the global environnement.  Read more and follow them on