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Tahiti Iti from Above
A bird's-eye view of Tahiti's Peninsula island.

Take a trip above Tahiti's spectacular peninsula known as Tairapu or Tahiti Iti.  
Tahiti Iti means 'small' Tahiti and is situated to the south of Tahiti's 'big' island, Tahiti Nui.  The two islands are joined by a small isthmus at Taravao. 

It took Mother Nature 4.5 million years to build this stunning volcanic island.  

Tahiti Iti is the home of the world famous surf break named after the small town of Teahupoo at the end of the road.  It is an area of pristine,  untouched lagoons and reefs with a few remote perfect little islands know as 'motu's ' situated inside the lagoon.  The whole southern tip of the island is only accessible by boat or foot.   Covered by lush rainforests, the interior areas are home to a wealth of beautiful trees, ferns and flowering plants with gushing waterfalls, flowing rivers and deep valleys. The coastal areas of Tairapu are dotted with tall palm trees, little houses, fields of tropical flowers and numerous boat pontoons for access.  The Te Pari cliffs fall directly into open ocean and this area is totally uninhabited.  Tahiti Iti looks very much like the Marquesas Islands or Kauia in the Hawaiian islands.
Vairao and Teahupoo on the west coast and Tautira on the east coast  are the main villages.  
Fenua Aihere , Te Pari cliffs ,  Motu Fenua i No , Tautira Valley,   Motu Nono , Teahupoo shrimp farms,  Tautira fish farms,  Ifremer,  Vanira Lodge Teahupoo. Pension Boujouir. Teahupoo Billabong Pro.