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The Monster Swell that hit the south coast of Tahiti on Saturday 27th August produced some of the most radical rides ever at the famous Tahitian reef break.
Although the swell was expected to be south-south west,  it bombed the reef "at the end of the road " with a very westerly direction, making most rides impossible to complete, the west bowl too often flashing it's 'No Exit'  sign.
Although the French Polynesian government had issued a red alert due to the unusually large swell and had forbidden any sea navigation, by 2pm  30 boats, 40 jetskis, countless kayaks, stand up paddle boards, bodyboarders and even a 4 year old child could be seen in the channel.   The Teahupoo waterworld show was on, live to the world.  The ASP and Billabong  joining forces to provide live streaming of a tow in free surf session !
7 tow in  jetski  in action with various teams  in max out Teahupoo.
Nathan Fletcher set a new standard with the largest and deepest ride ever at Teahupoo.  Bruce Irons caught  2 amazing bombs holding a perfect line in the bowl section.  Brazilian Pato caught a mutant set wave.
Corey Lopez scored one of the most mind blowing tubes on a smaller wave having been towed in with a normal shortboard.
Alex Gray, Laurie Towner, Dylan Longbottom,  Benjamin Sanchis, Kobby Aberton, Dean Bowen, Ryan Hipwood, Anthony Walsh and a few more challenged the beast in extremely treacherous conditions.
Raimana Van Bastolaer, Dean Morrison, Maya Gabeira, Gordo and many others suffered injuries.  Although Kelly Slater came out to check the conditions, he opted to pass on a ride to avoid injury and secured the Teahupoo Billabong Pro 2011 trophy 2 days later with exceptional flair.
A week to remember on this small rock stuck in the middle of the South Pacific. 


All rides available as sequences at 10 FPS, upon request. Professionals only-