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Father's Day Teahupoo Session
Since March, every 2 to 3 weeks, the south west coast of Tahiti scores a 10' + session. 
The Father's Day week-end once again saw Teahupoo delivering it's magic. Although the conditions were windy, the swell was clean and powerful with a mix of short board, stand up paddle, tow ins and even kite surfing. 
Michel Bourez, Hira Teriinatoofa and 19 year old Tikanui Smith were the local stand outs, paddling in. 
Fergal Smith, one of the only foreign surfers, scored some incredible rides staying out from dawn to dusk.
Vetea David  surfed the whole swell on his SUP, catching at least 40 waves and managing to break only one board. 
Laird Hamilton flew down for the 2 day swell.  Riding his SUP with Raimana on the rise of the swell and then towing in on the Sunday.
The South Pacific is in rhythm this year.  See you in a couple of weeks !