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Bethany & Carissa training in Tahiti

Bethany Hamilton and Carissa Moore challenge Teahupoo. The two best friends spent a month training in top Teahupoo conditions. Raimana Von Bastolaer drove them around the best spots but also spent time giving them an insight into the Tahitian way of life.  Bethany Hamilton's life story is currently being shot as a feature film "Soul Surfer" with Hollywood award-winner actors such as Helen Hunt, Dennis Quaid, AnnaSophia Robb with film director Sean McNamara. Look out for it!  The film will be an inspiration for everyone as meeting Bethany in person was for Tim.  She is a ray of sunshine, overcoming all difficulties with simplicity and humility. She always has a radiant smile and is also a proficient and powerful surfer,  definitely one the best girl surfers at Teahupoo.