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The Trial's Swell

This year the 2010 Teahupoo Billabong Pro Trials and Main Event have been pushed back to the months of  August and September.  For the first time in nearly 14 years,  things don't quite feel the same in the small village at the end of the road. No scaffoldings, no crowds, no circus. Just Tahitian Dream Days over and over again.

Jamie O' Brien, Ryan Hipwood, Kalani Chapman and Laird Hamilton are some of the few foreigners who decided to make the trip to take advantage of the classic April conditions.  Laird has benn testing out some new SUP board shapes for charging Teahupoo.
The biggest swell hit on April 23 the same day as the XXL Global Big Wave Awards.  Raimana Van Bastolaer surfed some 12' + bombs that day while working with Fuel TV on his profile.   Later that evening he followed the results of the awards from Los Angeles by phone. He had won the Monster Tube Award.

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