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PEAHI January the 11th

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Peahi,† January 11.
All star crew charge the first challenging swell of the decade at Jaws on the island of †Maui. †
Laird Hamilton, Ross Clark Jones, Ian Walsh, Carlos Burle, Kai Lenny, Ikaika Kalama, Makua Rothman, Robert Teriitehau, Manoa Drollet and many more.


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The Bora Bora Patagonia shoot

Following in the steps of Stephan Lambert, accomplished waterman, Tim went sourcing some new adventure & sports images for Patagonia. Stephan reflects the brand perfectly. In the heart of French Polynesia's most sought-after island, nestled on a remote motu far from the resorts, he is setting up a new kind of holiday package.† It is based around training in and with the elements, to help sportsmen, but not only them, find within themselves the truth and the energy that will move them forward on all of life's levels . Check out Stephan's new site:†


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Well, actually, Eddie couldn't make it but the swell that rocked Waimea Bay on Dec 7th and 8th made it down to the Tuamotu archipelago a few days later. A crew of Tahitian chargers scored uncrowded perfection and some of the largest right-handers ever surfed in French Polynesia. The lucky ones were Vetea David, Manoa Drollet,† Alain Riou, Raimana Van Bastolaer, Thierry Domenech, Arsene Harehoe and Teiva Joyeux.


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Vetea David, Laird Hamilton, Patrice Chanzy, Manoa Drollet and Teiva Joyeux go below the surface to harness the energy of a breaking wave.

Bonus : Text by Jack McCoy !


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Featuring nine-time world surfing champion KELLY SLATER and Tahitian surf ambassador RAIMANA VAN BASTOLAER

Ultimate Wave Tahiti will immerse audiences in the story of an ocean wave and the lives it impacts and transforms. From astounding 3D surfing action to the chaos of ocean storms, the film leads audiences on a quest to understand one of this planetís most intriguing and dramatic phenomena.


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The Stand Up Paddle Teahupoo Exhibition
The Waterman League presents some of the best Stand Up Paddle riders taking on Teahupoo in perfect conditions.
Ekolu Kalama, Duane Desoto, Keali'i Mamala, Kanoa McGee, Vetea David, Patrice Chanzy, Didier Tin Hing, Guillaume Bourligeux, Arsene Harehoe


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The New Film by Jack McCoy. Check

An underwater dream comes true.

Itís a clear blue-sky day in Tahiti.† The clouds are just starting to form around the mountains that you stare at between sets at Teahupoo.† The surface conditions are glassy and there only five guys out, a couple of boogie boarders and three surfers.†† One is Manoa Drollet, Tahitian surfer and gentleman extraordinaire.

Read On.


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Tom Lowe, Fergal and photographer Mickey Smith travel to the surfing mecca to film the 2nd part of a 16 mm feature film documentary showcasing their lives and challenges as big wave hunters. The full length feature film will be released early next† year.


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It was 6.30 am and I was standing on the dock of the Teahupoo Marina waiting to jump onto Media Boat nį2† to shoot the first round of the '09 Billabong Pro.† Surrounded by cameramen and photographers anxious to get out to the line-up to cover all the action, I heard my cell phone ring. " Tim, it's Kelly. I am at a hotel in town and I am taking the 9 o'clock flight out to Island to spend three days there." I moved out from the crowd and assessed the situation. I knew exactly what Kelly had in mind.†† I told him that I would find a boat and would meet him there around midday. I didn't quite know how I was going to pull it off, but figured I had a couple of hours up my sleeve.† Kelly knew that he wouldn't surf that day and he was gambling on lay days over the next two days of the waiting period. Read On...


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All-star crew score a perfect peak around the corner from Teahupoo.
Kelly Slater, A.I, Parko, Mick Fanning, Bobby Martinez, CJ, Jeremy Flores, Dean Morrison, Michel Bourez and many more indulge in a perfect Teahupoo ersatz during the lay days of the Billabong Pro.