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Since March, every 2 to 3 weeks, the south west coast of Tahiti scores a 10' + session. 
The Father's Day week-end once again saw Teahupoo delivering it's magic. Although the conditions were windy,  the swell was clean and powerful with a mix of short board, stand up paddle, tow ins and even kite surfing. 
Michel Bourez, Hira Teriinatoofa and 19 year old Tikanui Smith were the local stand outs, paddling in. 
Fergal Smith, one of the only foreign surfers, scored some incredible rides staying out from dawn to dusk.
Vetea David  surfed the whole swell on his SUP, catching at least 40 waves and managing to break only one board. 
Laird Hamilton flew down for the 2 day swell.  Riding his SUP with Raimana on the rise of the swell and then towing in on the Sunday.
The South Pacific is in rhythm this year.  See you in a couple of weeks !


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Early season. Glassy conditions and the first clean south swells hit Tahitian breaks.  Sunday 27 March was the ceremony for Sion Miolosky organized by Adam d'Esposit and the Teahupoo boys.  All the Teahupoo line up moved away from flawless perfection to give a last tribute to the big wave surfer.  It was a moving moment.  Just after the ceremony Adam dropped into a perfect tube and gave his last blessing.
Saturday 2 April was the first big south swell of the year.  Local boys Taumata Puhetini, Nuihi Marere and Heiarii Williams were the stand outs. 


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All star crew travels through the Telos and Mentawai region to score perfection.
Benjamin Sanchis, Jeremy Flores, Alain Riou, Marc Lacomar, Miky Picon and Fredo Robin. Check;


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Private access only.


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R.I.P. Andy Irons July 24, 1978-November 2, 2010

Last tribute.

Bethany & Carissa training in Tahiti

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Bethany Hamilton and Carissa Moore challenge Teahupoo. The two best friends spent a month training in top Teahupoo conditions. Raimana Von Bastolaer drove them around the best spots but also spent time giving them an insight into the Tahitian way of life.  Bethany Hamilton's life story is currently being shot as a feature film "Soul Surfer" with Hollywood award-winner actors such as Helen Hunt, Dennis Quaid, AnnaSophia Robb with film director Sean McNamara. Look out for it!  The film will be an inspiration for everyone as meeting Bethany in person was for Tim.  She  is a ray of sunshine, overcoming all difficulties with simplicity and humility. She always has a radiant smile and is also a proficient and powerful surfer,  definitely one the best girl surfers at Teahupoo.

The NIKON Shoot by Tim McKenna

37 images

In October 2009 Tim was commissioned by Nikon to shoot images in French Polynesia for the promotion of the new Nikkor lens range 2010. 
His mission included surf and kitesurfing action images but also night scenes, fauna and landscapes. Here is a selection of what he came up with.  

The Trial's Swell

67 images

This year the 2010 Teahupoo Billabong Pro Trials and Main Event have been pushed back to the months of  August and September.  For the first time in nearly 14 years,  things don't quite feel the same in the small village at the end of the road. No scaffoldings, no crowds, no circus.

Just Tahitian Dream Days over and over again.

Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast 2010

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Taj Burrow wins the Quiksilver Gold Coast Pro 2010 at Snapper Rocks.
Dane Reynolds, Jordy Smith, Bobby Martinez, Joel Parkinson were the in-form surfers during this first WCT event of the season.

Stephanie Gilmore wins another Roxy Pro defeating Melanie Bartels.

PEAHI January the 11th

77 images

Peahi,  January 11.
All star crew charge the first challenging swell of the decade at Jaws on the island of  Maui.  
Laird Hamilton, Ross Clark Jones, Ian Walsh, Carlos Burle, Kai Lenny, Ikaika Kalama, Makua Rothman, Robert Teriitehau, Manoa Drollet and many more.