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Bixente Lizarazu

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A taste of paradise, this is what Bixente Lizarazu wanted for his holiday break with his son.  Surf, stand up paddle, whale, shark and ray watching were on the menu for the French 1998 world champion footballer,  now TV presenter for TF1,  who wanted to remain active by getting a taste of Nature's perfection in French Polynesia.  Raimana Von Bastolaer  "Raimana World" was hosting the father and son for this special holiday, making sure they had the best fun in the best conditions in Moorea and Teahupoo.  Tim Mckenna and Tahiti Fly Shoot were invited to get a few holiday shots from above and in and under the water.  Here are a few snapshots of their perfect holiday.

Big Fish Yacht - 2012

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Captain Winston Joyce-Clarke and his crew invite you onboard the Big Fish Yacht where luxury meets fun. True to their initial spirit they re-define the concept of expedition yachting . From "transformer-style" swim platforms to the world's first stone deck,  Marshall Naval Architects, Canada have re-invented every corner of this stunning yacht making it one of the most innovative  worldwide. Images in collaboration with TahitiFlyShoot

Vanille Martin

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Prepared in the heart of the Motu Martin,  Pacific Natural Products Vanilla, is one of the most recognised in Polynesia.  Discover how it is nutured on one of Tahiti's famous "Motus", first dried by the sun and the marine spray of the Pacific Ocean. Tahitian Vanilla, Vanilla X Tahitensis, is one of the richest of the world's flavours, prized by chefs or perfume designers for it's delicate scents & tastes.


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Nestled in a magnificient coconut grove on the northwest corner of the atoll of Rangiroa, the Hotel Kia Ora Resort & Spa combines refined luxury and  harmony with its environment. A turquoise lagoon and a white sandy beach surround this hôtel which had a complete renovation in 2011. Visitors can enjoy among other attractions, a rain shower, a gourmet restaurant overlooking the lagoon and overwater bungalows.  It is the perfect holiday destination to discover Polynesia whilst enjoying a certain luxury. The hotel also boasts 5 bungalows on a private Island for travelers seeking the true Polynesian lifestyle in a totally preserved environment.


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An exceptional experience is what Geraldine Danon, famous French actress and her husband Philipe Poupon, one of the world's best sailors are offering their children.  Onboard "Fleur Australe" they crossed the deadly North-West passage following in the steps of the great Pole explorers,  experiencing all the joys but also confronting all the dangers that in the past some defeated and some did not. The family finally rejoined the Pacific after months of navigation where Tim was lucky to follow them for one day crossing  from Tahiti to Moorea.  Geraldine's new book has just been released.  After "Une Fleur dans les glaces" relating the North to West pole adventure started in 2009, "Fleur Australe" is the second chapter of the 2010 Voyage that started in Alaska  descending through the Antarctic to the Pacific.  This voyage is sponsored by EDF-SUEZ  to raise awareness of the fragile nature of the Ocean's fauna and flora and the consequences of world pollution on the global environnement.  Read more and follow them on


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Discover the spectacular show Tahiti 'a Mai, with O Tahiti E dance troupe at the Marae Arahurahu in Paea, Tahiti. This monthly show encapsulates the magic of Tahiti in an educational show demonstrating the customs and traditions of the ancient Marae ceremonies.  The Marae situated at the foot of the valley is a very special venue enhancing the force of the performance of the dance troupe O Tahiti E.  Simply amazing.


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Atolls of Polynesia.
French Polynesia has an amazing diversity of islands, roughly 130 scattered over 2,500,000 square kilometers.  Some of these Islands are "atolls",  often described as a "ring-shaped ribbon reef enclosing a lagoon".
(See below for a quick explanation on the formation of an atoll.)

In Polynesia, the Tuamotus form the largest chain of atolls in the world, spanning an area of the Pacific Ocean roughly the size of Western Europe. The most famous are Rangiroa, Fakarava, Tetiaroa, Tikehau, Maupiti, Manihi, Ahe or the heart-shaped Tupai, very noticeable from the sky and loved by Japanese newly-weds.  It has become a very special honeymoon destination. On the other hand, the magical Tetiaroa will soon host the exclusive but eco-friendly Brando Hotel.

Atolls are very much part of the richness of Polynesian bio-diversity.   Fakarava for example, Polynesia's second largest atoll, is presently being classified by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve. Rangiroa, the largest Polynesian atoll, spreads its elliptic shape over 80 km in length and 32 km in width.  It is a favourite scuba diving area, offering some of the best dives in the world in and around the Tiputa Pass.   Sedentary common bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) regularly play in groups in the Pass. Large manta rays, green sea turtles and humphead wrasse can also be seen.  Occasionally tiger and hammerhead sharks can also be spotted. In January, large numbers of stingrays gather in the Tiputa Pass with the hammerhead sharks that feed on them.

From the sky, these atolls resemble exotic paintings, stripes of lush green coconut and palm vegetation contrasting with a striking palette of turquoise blue waters dotted with corals heads.

Have a look at Tim's selection of beautiful aerial Images of Polynesia's favourite atolls - the best Polynesian atolls from Polynesia's best aerial photographer.




Intercontinental Moorea

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Discover the newly-refurbished Intercontinental Moorea Resort and Spa via Tim's innovative and exciting approach.  The Tim McKenna Team and Tahiti Fly Shoot collaborate to propose a photo reportage with a unique combination: all photo angles possible from underwater to above/below photography, high altitude to low altitude aerial photography, 360° virtual tours and lifestyle shoot productions.   A complete package handled by an experienced team who have worked on various local and international productions.   Contact us to discuss your needs and ask for a quote at:


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Jean-Marie Biret's traditional Tahitian dance troop MANAHAU is performing every Saturday night at the Sofitel Hotel on Tahiti.  The "Season of the Wind"  is the theme of the new show starring Aruhoia Biret voted best dancer of Ori Tahiti at the Heiva Festival in 2010.  Come and enjoy this stunning show performed around the pool area.