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Alberto Fermani

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The new sandals collection from Alberto Fermani USA shot in Moorea in January 2015. Model Perri Ricci, Stylist Neely Mack

BIKINI Swimsuit issue 2014

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BIKINI Magazine 2014, Surf Session's Swimsuit Issue is out ! Gorgeous models on a very special Tahiti location .... Sexy swimsuits, great body shapes and a lot of fun...Model Alaia,Faimano and F-One rider Aude as guest, and Charlotte for a very special night session under the rain ...

Thanks to Kainalu XT for his help and Marc-Antoine Bouveant for the great videos.

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Teahupoo in Stereo
Double Angle at the Billabong Pro 2013

Let's freeze a few surf action moments with 2 different angles : one shot from the media boat and the other shot from the media scaffolding on the reef.
Check out how the athletes and the Teahupoo Kaleidoscope looked during the Billabong Pro event.
Special thanks to Julien Boissière for the scaffolding angle. 

TEAHUPOO-The Never Ending Swell-Tow

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Teahupoo  The Never Ending Swell

It has been less than 2 years since the Red Code swell smashed into Teahupoo and the other Tahitian reefs on August 27 2011, smack in the middle of the WCT waiting period.

This time, it's a never-ending massive south swell that kicked in on May 13 2013 and it lasted nearly all week. 

Faaa airport was quite a scene on the previous Saturday night. The flights coming in from Auckland, Hawaii and Los Angeles were full of surfers and cameramen piling up in the hallway to catch a ride to Teahupoo village.

LAIRD HAMILTON In Raimana's World

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When Raimana called Laird, he was preparing to head for Kauai for his first foil session of the season, with an early north swell on the forecast. 
But Raimana wanted him down in Tahiti to enjoy the biggest south swell so far this year and help promote French Polynesia at the same time ! Hard to refuse such an invitation !  
Raimana has been the ambassador for Tahiti Tourism these last few years and a local campaign to promote tourism with the local population is in full force. Who else represents better the Polynesian spirit of 'aloha' than Raimana taking care of his surfer friends around Teahupoo.  
After 11 time world champion Kelly Slater and Jeremy Flores a few weeks ago during the Billabong Pro, now it's the other high-profile surfing athlete Laird Hamilton who will get the royal treatment in Raimana's amazing World... read more

Bixente Lizarazu

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A taste of paradise, this is what Bixente Lizarazu wanted for his holiday break with his son.  Surf, stand up paddle, whale, shark and ray watching were on the menu for the French 1998 world champion footballer,  now TV presenter for TF1,  who wanted to remain active by getting a taste of Nature's perfection in French Polynesia.  Raimana Von Bastolaer  "Raimana World" was hosting the father and son for this special holiday, making sure they had the best fun in the best conditions in Moorea and Teahupoo.  Tim Mckenna and Tahiti Fly Shoot were invited to get a few holiday shots from above and in and under the water.  Here are a few snapshots of their perfect holiday.


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Mike Fanning wins the Billabong Pro Teahupoo 2012. Check out the best images of the contest.


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The Monster Swell that hit the south coast of Tahiti on Saturday 27th August produced some of the most radical rides ever at the famous Tahitian reef break. Although the swell was expected to be south-south west  it bombed  the reef "at the end of the road "  with a very westerly direction, making most rides impossible to complete, the west bowl too often flashing it's 'No Exit'  sign.



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Pristine conditions have prevailed these last few weeks. The 2011 Air Tahiti Nui -VZ trials and the first round of the Billabong Pro have been completed.
Everybody is now waiting for the biggest swell since September 2005. Wave heights of 40 to 55 feet have been recorded by satellite readings as the storm continues to develop near New-Zealand. The wind fetch of this storm is nearly 1200 miles wide with wind over 35 knots.
The Top 32 ASP world tour surfers will be faced in the next few days with some of the most challenging conditions ever.  If it gets too big for paddling in,  the contest will be put on hold and the tow session will go live also.
By next Tuesday many surfers will have ridden the wave of their life.
Good luck to everyone and be safe.