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Surfeuses magazine swimsuit issue was out this summer.  Rediscover our three beautiful models,  Uranui Chevalier, Tumai Freidman and Laura Colleuil, in more sexy images taken around the beautiful island of Bora Bora and Kainalu XT's waterfront house.


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World premiere of Keith Malloy’s bodysurfing film Come Hell Or High Water.

Mark Cunningham , Mike Stewart,  Keith Malloy, Chris Kalima, Durdam Rocherolle and local, Patrice Chanzy,  bodysurf the perfect Tahitian reef breaks for Keith Malloy's new film,  including some crazy rides at Teahupoo, the crew pushing back the limits of what is rideable on a hollow wave.


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The Monster Swell that hit the south coast of Tahiti on Saturday 27th August produced some of the most radical rides ever at the famous Tahitian reef break. Although the swell was expected to be south-south west  it bombed  the reef "at the end of the road "  with a very westerly direction, making most rides impossible to complete, the west bowl too often flashing it's 'No Exit'  sign.



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Pristine conditions have prevailed these last few weeks. The 2011 Air Tahiti Nui -VZ trials and the first round of the Billabong Pro have been completed.
Everybody is now waiting for the biggest swell since September 2005. Wave heights of 40 to 55 feet have been recorded by satellite readings as the storm continues to develop near New-Zealand. The wind fetch of this storm is nearly 1200 miles wide with wind over 35 knots.
The Top 32 ASP world tour surfers will be faced in the next few days with some of the most challenging conditions ever.  If it gets too big for paddling in,  the contest will be put on hold and the tow session will go live also.
By next Tuesday many surfers will have ridden the wave of their life.
Good luck to everyone and be safe. 


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Since March, every 2 to 3 weeks, the south west coast of Tahiti scores a 10' + session. 
The Father's Day week-end once again saw Teahupoo delivering it's magic. Although the conditions were windy,  the swell was clean and powerful with a mix of short board, stand up paddle, tow ins and even kite surfing. 
Michel Bourez, Hira Teriinatoofa and 19 year old Tikanui Smith were the local stand outs, paddling in. 
Fergal Smith, one of the only foreign surfers, scored some incredible rides staying out from dawn to dusk.
Vetea David  surfed the whole swell on his SUP, catching at least 40 waves and managing to break only one board. 
Laird Hamilton flew down for the 2 day swell.  Riding his SUP with Raimana on the rise of the swell and then towing in on the Sunday.
The South Pacific is in rhythm this year.  See you in a couple of weeks !


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Sapinus Pro presented by Air Tahiti Nui

Flawless conditions for the second year in a row for the Tahiti stop of the Stand Up Paddle World Tour. Basque surfer Peyo Lizarazu wins his first world tour event in solid conditions. Tahitians  Patrice Chanzy and Didier Tinhin make their way to the finals finishing 2nd and 4th. World Champion Kai Lenny who scored the bomb of the event finished 3rd. Another great edition.

Next step of the SUP world tour will be Brazil with the Ibiraquera Pro.

Get all the info and heat details at :


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The Tahiti Nui Va'a race regroups the best Polynesian outrigger teams for a 166 km race around Tahiti.


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Prized by the most famous chefs worldwide, Tahitian Vanilla,Vanilla X Tahitensis, takes its unique flavours from its long maturation under the sun of the Polynesian Islands of Tahaa, Bora Bora and Raiatea. The Assembly Hall of French Polynesia will host  'Vanilla Week',  "La semaine de la Vanille" from the 8th - 11th June.  See for more info.


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Early season. Glassy conditions and the first clean south swells hit Tahitian breaks.  Sunday 27 March was the ceremony for Sion Miolosky organized by Adam d'Esposit and the Teahupoo boys.  All the Teahupoo line up moved away from flawless perfection to give a last tribute to the big wave surfer.  It was a moving moment.  Just after the ceremony Adam dropped into a perfect tube and gave his last blessing.
Saturday 2 April was the first big south swell of the year.  Local boys Taumata Puhetini, Nuihi Marere and Heiarii Williams were the stand outs.