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The New Film by Jack McCoy.


An underwater dream comes true

It’s a clear blue-sky day in Tahiti.  The clouds are just starting to form around the mountains that you stare at between sets at Teahupoo.  The surface conditions are glassy and there only five guys out, a couple of boogie boarders and three surfers.   One is Manoa Drollet, Tahitian surfer and gentleman extraordinaire.

A set approaches. Manoa gives me the nod, which tells me he’s going on the wave behind.  I smile back and take a deep breath.  I point my James Bond-type underwater scooter straight down to the reef, which is about 10 to 12 feet below me.  Once I get a couple feet below the surface, I pull up and start heading for shore.  I’ve timed this one really well and as I race forward at about 10 knots I feel the water draining off the reef starting to give me some resistance.   I move the machine up a little higher and start to feel the wave sucking me along, allowing me to go faster than I already am.

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