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Ravanui Lucas, former Miss Tahiti, had the project in mind for a long time: regrouping her beautiful friends (some of the finest Polynesian women) to recreate some classic images inspired by the Vahines from the 60's. á With the help of friend and artistic director Heiarii Robson, Ravanui designed and organised each scene's stylism and accessories.á Nelson Labbey brought them to life. Make-up artist Orama Noble and Tehina Mou transformed the Polynesian beauties into real "60's stars" and hair stylists Maryse Utia and Cowan Brodien did an amazing job of re-creating some of the most classic 60's hair creations.

We hope the result will inspire you as much as it inspired us.

VahinÚs :

Heitiare Tribondeau

Manoa Terorotua

Mereani Atani

Mihimana Sachet

Nanihi Bambrige

Poehere Hutihuti Wilson

Raipoe Adamas

Rava Sachet

Ravanui Lucas

Taraina Sanford